costs for bioresonace device

Bioresonance devices cost between 15,000,- to 30,000,- Euro. There are also hire purchase or leasing deals about 200,- to 300,- Euros per month .

More information about new bioresonace devices is available here

Regardless of the price, there are often significant differences in the applications, the therapeutic strength and practical handling of bioresonance devices.

The following aspects have to be considered in the selection of a device:

Digital database: The test frequences are either digitized and available by mouse click or insight of so-called test ampoules (test kits). Test ampoules must be placed individually and by hand into the amplifier before each test. This means a great expense in practic

al handling and it is limited to the number of test vials in an application. Digital databases often include more than 10,000 vibrational patterns.

Therapy strength: The treatment intensity is measured in Tesla (magnetic field strength). Strong bioresonance devices are mostly more effective, i.e. the patient notes rapid improvement and the distance between sessions can be larger (e.g. every 4 weeks ).

Measurement method: There are several ways to measure energy loads of people in the bioresonance therapy. These can be differed in intuitive measurement methods (man tested by tensor or pendulum ) or objective methods of measurement (a testing device via the skin resistance). Objective measurement methods are generally reproducible, i.e. different therapists achieve the same result with the same patient. Intuitive measurements are further dependent on the interpretation of the therapist. It is also important, that you can test the intensity of a load (e.g. the strength of a pollen allergy). So the course is visible from session to session.

Standardised therapies: Many bioresonance manufacturers work with prefabricated therapy schemata (e.g. Allergies), which are applied equally to all people or are automatically created in a short time, based on a scan. Basically, you achieve faster and more sustainable success with individually tested therapies that can be customized for each session, than with standardized therapies. The disadvantage is the substantially higher cost. A disadvantage is the significantly higher expenditure of time.