Information about bioresonance

Bioresonance is a treatment method of complementary medicine, that influences the energy system of the patient by endogenous frequencies and frequencies of substances. This biological information is transferred by electromagnetic oscillation between cells. In biophysics and quantum physics this is long proven, as the former General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research at CERN (Switzerland), Carlo Rubbia, was awarded for his work in this area with the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1984.

"In the last hundred years, there was a correction of the earlier world view of physics and chemistry, caused by revolutionary basic research. The frequency information plays an important role in the physical and biological systems and even appears to have a higher level control function. Explanatory models of alternative therapies, such as homeopathy and bioresonance, can be derived therefrom." (Hennecke : 2011 p.27)

The intention of bioresonance therapists is to find out the causes of specific problems with the help of energy measurements, to compensate this causes directly and to assist the body mainly in self-regulation, i.e. the activation of self-healing.

Bioresonanz as a panacea? There is a variety of different bioresonance devices, which often differ serious, technically and also in terms of possible applications.
So different manufacturers can not deliver what they promise on some details about the effects. Additional there is rarely training opportunities in this area. With little success of the therapy, it may be difficult to interpret the complex relationships correctly, to achieve an improvement, especially for users who are not doctors.

In short: No, bioresonance is not a panacea. But it is quite an effective method - in particular in cases, where other therapies often have failed. The effective use of this method requires extensive training of therapists and suitable devices.

"Based on empirical experience of many users and technical progress, bioresonance has evolved into an effective diagnosis and treatment method. Today there are different therapeutic classifications, which are constantly evolving." (Hennecker: 2011 p.15)


Bioresonance is, as other energetic methods like acupuncture or TCM, not accepted by conventional medicine. If you are sick, please visit the doctor, a bioresonance therapy can not replace a doctor's visit.