How does bioresonance work?

Matter and Energy

Scientists have discovered 100 years ago, that matter can be considered as particles (matter) or as radiation (energy). Matter is nothing more than condensed energy.

In the words of the physicist Max Planck (1858-1947):

“So I tell you after my research of the atom this: There is no matter in itself. All matter arises and exists only by a force that causes the atomic particles to vibrate and holds them together for the tiniest solar system of the atom." "Matter in itself does not exist, there is only the vivifying, invisible, immortal spirit as first cause of matter."

To each particle belongs also an electromagnetic field. This means that even the human body is made of energy and forms an electromagnetic field. This field presents itself either as electromagnetic particles or as an electromagnetic wave (frequency). Each organ has individual frequency information and frequency patterns, also inflamed tissue differs from healthy tissue in frequency information.
The bioresonance therapy balances misinformation, acts correctively on frequency information level and creates the prerequisite for regeneration (by the immune system) of the body.

Energy medicine

The biophysicist Professor Fritz Albert Popp demonstrated that cells emit photons, accordingly well-known biophysicists assume now that cells exchange information via photons. Based on these findings, a new medicine has been founded: the energetic medicine. The organism is examined and treated by its energetic side. This new holistic method involves the fact that the human body is matter and is animated by energy. It is controlled and regulated by information. All of its functions are carried out in a material way - as metabolism, electrolyte balance, water balance and acid-base metabolism - but controlled and regulated by information. This new knowledge opened up an entirely new area that illustrates new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. Conventional medicine remains on the material plane and rejects this method, however, as unscientific.