The Historie of bioresonance

Beginnings of bioresonance therapy

The bioresonance therapy is derived from the spread of radionics since 1920 in the US. The corresponding devices are connected by electrodes with at least two contacts on the skin of the patient. In the simplest case, the subject takes one movable electrode in each hand.
Bioresonance devices identify the existing frequency information of the body, compare it with a fixed set point and send corrective signals back to the body (adoption of loop-model).

Bioresonance today

The German physician Dr. Franz Morell discovered already in the 50s, that electromagnetic oscillations can cure. In 1977 he developed the first bioresonance device together with the electro engineer Erich Rasche. In the nineties bioresonance experienced a pioneering development by Dr. Gerhard Rummel, who developed new therapies, especially in the field of allergy treatment, and collected the frequency information in a digital database. Further important steps were taken by Knut Henning, he sat new quality standards through constant promotion of the technical development of bioresonance devices and software.