What is the effect of bioresonance?

Basis of the bioresonance therapy are the main medical findings in acupuncture. Like acupuncture, it cures the disorders of energetic processes in the body. In contrast, the conventional medicine uses drugs to produce biochemical reactions. But chemical and energetic processes in the body are running incessantly. The basic principles of bioresonance consist in influencing the energetic processes in the body

Meaning of self-regulation

The self-regulation of the body plays a central role, also in other complementary medical procedures. As already mentioned, a disturbed regulation system leads to chronic organ disorders and mood disorders. A balanced energy system is the precondition for the body to respond appropriately to various stresses and pathogens.

A concatenation of the following factors in the body causes a chronic stress response and self-regulation gets repealed consequently:

  • Toxins in food and food additives
  • The radioactive legacy of Chernobyl with heavy metals, fungicides, herbicide , pesticides
  • Poisoning of personal biosphere through countless chemicals in the living area, in textile and food industry massively increasing
  • E-Smog: mobile phones and satellite receivers and their transmitters, computers, electronics
  • Exogenous and endogenous stress due to increasing pressure to perform by continuous medial overstimulation by growing tensions and conflicts in relationships in an increasingly disorientated society