Doz. Ing. Johannes Schreyer since 1995 managing director of the largest Bioresonance Institute in Austria today with various locations in Vienna and Lower Austria. He developed his own method, based on various Bioresonance systems, for the greatest possible effectiveness. On the basis of the therapy by Dr. Gerhard Rummel, Schreyer created through years of practical research into various vibrational patterns and bioresonance devices his own concept. In collaboration with Mag. Christof Ruby he developed the HOLOSAN® Bioresonance therapy. It is characterized by maximum effectiveness with concurrent good practicality in everyday life of a Bioresonance practice. Schreyer has already witnessed many innovations in Bioresonance and locates a problem especially in the often opaque variety of devices. “For aspiring doctors and therapists, it is difficult to decide which system is best suited for them. Moreover, many manufacturers of Bioresonanz devices have no own practice and do not work with their devices by themselves, corresponding defects occur.”

Mag. Christof Ruby directs the Bioresonance practice in Vienna Döbling and is a lecturer at the Landesklinikum Amstetten and various health academies in Vienna. Ruby is co-founder of the HOLOSAN® Bioresonance therapy and transferred it into a training concept in 2011.
Since 2012 this Bioresonance training is offered, it is characterized mainly by its high practical relevance and the logical schemas. In this form it is unique in Germany.

In particular, the support and cooperation with the graduates after completion of training has proven itself for a professional start into self-employment, which is also a particular aspect of this training concept. "It is essential to provide tangible and targeted approaches to the various problem areas for doctors and therapists and to be available to answer questions also after passed training." Medienberichte über Ruby finden Sie hier. Kerstin Kretschmann

hat die medizinische Leitung der Bioresonanz Akademie und ist als Allgemeinmedizinerin in einem Institut für Physikalische Medizin als Institutsärztin angestellt, und unterhält eine Bioresonanzpraxis in Stockerau. Als Zusatzqualifikationen kann sie ein Diplom in Orthomolekularer Medizin und ein Diplom in Ernährungsmedizin vorweisen.

„Für mich ist es wichtig, unabhängig von den Beschwerden, den Patienten immer ganzheitlich zu betrachten. Dafür ist die Bioresonanz eine ausgezeichnete Methode.“