Why become a member?

While there is a lot of activity on the subject of Bioresonance in neighboring Germany and Switzerland, in Austria a range of lectures and seminars can hardly be found. Bioresonance therapists are mostly completely on their own, without having the possibility for exchange or training.

The BRGOE is a highly qualified contact partner for comprehensive information on the subject of Bioresonance, it supports the members and represents their interests. Here you can benefit from the experience of successful Bioresonance users. Even if you do not or not yet work with Bioresonance, but sympathize with this method and want to encourage it, you can become a member of this society.

Benefits for members:

  • We are available to answer your questions on the subject of Bioresonance.
  • Seminars and lectures are free of charge for members.
  • Get access to the latest developments of our therapeutic concepts that are constantly expanding and get up-to-date information on relevant issues in health care.
  • Take the opportunity to meet with other users and exchange experiences about therapeutic success.
  • Get all international news about Bioresonance at our member meetings (e.g. trade fair reports, new applications).
  • Patients can find and contact certified members on our platform. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact us.